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Republicans are quietly pushing to defund transgender healthcare even for adults

For a year and a half, GOP lawmakers have been stealthily adding amendements to government appropriations bills, which are key to funding major government departments, to ban any federal money being used for gender transition procedures. This will dramatically curtail trans people’s access to medical care — just like the Hyde Amendment restricted abortion access, write Io Dodds and Eric Garcia.

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Author: Io Dodds

Liz Truss discusses shower heads at Republican National Convention

Liz Truss discussed shower heads at a Republican National Convention breakfast event. The former prime minister revealed she had recently acquired a ‘Liberty Bell’ shower head, created in the image of the famous, cracked bell in Philadelphia. Addressing crowds at the event this week, and showing her support for Donald Trump, she said: “I will proudly be installing this shower head as a symbol of liberty and democracy, and of course, Pennsylvania. You all know why you are so important, which this is a crucial state in order for President Trump to be reinstalled in the White House.”

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Author: Lucy Leeson